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Boric acid manufacturer of boric acid

by:Yixin     2020-03-31
If the lab is alkali ( NaOH or KOH) Splashes, in addition to the application of plenty of water, H2O) The flushing, but also should be coated with boric acid solution. In order to neutralizes residual alkali. This is the most basic is also one of the nearest life purpose. ( If side without boric acid solution by alkali spilt, emergency can use carbonic acid, boric acid, but preferred because of boric acid and acid, carbonic acid is a weak acid in than coke. ) Preparation buffer. The preparation of a variety of boric acid salt. Cockroaches and carpet of black beetles of pesticides. Medicine, used as a hemostatic and preservatives. Used as a pH regulator, disinfectants, bacteriostatic preservative, etc; Used in producing boric acid salt, boric acid ester, optical glass, paint, paint, boric acid soap, leather finishing agent, printing and dyeing auxiliaries and medical disinfectant, etc. Used in the capacitor manufacturing and electronic components industry, high purity analytical reagents, medical disinfection antisepsis and preparation of exposed photographic materials washing processing solution. Used in glass, enamel, ceramic, medicine, metallurgy, leather, dye, pesticide, fertilizer, textile and other industries; Used for chromatographic analysis reagent, also used in the preparation of the buffer; A large number of used in glass ( Optical glass, acid glass, heat-resistant glass, insulation glass fiber) Industry, can improve the heat-resistant, transparent glass performance, improve the mechanical strength, shorten the melting time. In enamel, ceramics, in order to enhance the luster of the enamel products and fastness, is also one of the ingredients of glazes and pigments. In the metallurgical industry as additives, cosolvent, especially boron steel with high hardness and good ductility, can substitute for nickel steel. Boric acid corrosion, as a preservative, such as wood preservation. In metal welding, leather and photographic industries, heat resistant fireproof fabric and dye, synthetic gems, capacitor, cosmetics manufacturing are using it. Can also be used as pesticides and catalyst. Agriculture microelement boron fertilizer, applied for many crops, it can improve crop quality and increase production. Boric acid is also one of the basic material in the manufacture of the other boride, produced by its boron compounds are widely used in national defense and scientific research units and other industrial department. ; Used as a PH regulator, antimicrobial preservative.
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