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Boric acid manufacturer of boric acid production methods

by:Yixin     2020-04-01
Method and technological process of 1, borax sulfuric acid neutralization method: borax dissolve into the relative density of 30 ~ 32 ° Be solution, leaching, impurities, and then put into the acidolysis tank, joined the equivalent in 90 ℃ when sulfuric acid, make the solution to react when Ph2 ~ 3. Reaction completion fluid after cooling, crystallization, separation, drying the boric acid was finished. Na2B4O7 h2o + - H2SO4 + 5 -> 4 h3bo3 + 2, carbon ammonia method after roasting of Na2SO4 boron ore powder mixed with ammonium bicarbonate, the leaching material heated to 140 ℃, pressure 1. 5 ~ 2. 0 Mpa 4 h reaction, release the remaining gas, the ammonia absorption tower to ammonia recovery, when the temperature dropped to 110 ℃ can be feeding. After filter filter washing, eliminate waste, removing ammonia solution into steamed ammonia tower the recycled ammonia. When the steam to ammonia boron than less than 0. 04 ( Mole ratio) When then through concentration, cooling, crystallization, separation, drying, obtained boric acid products. 2MgO. B2O3+2NH4HCO3+H2O→2( NH4) H2BO3+2MgCO3 ( NH4) H2BO3 - H3BO3 NH3 + 3, hydrochloric acid method. Boron ore concentrate in mother liquid and water allocation to the appropriate concentration, into the acidolysis tank, add the hydrochloric acid to a specified amount of acid, mixing time, and then heating to 95 ~ 100 ℃, 2 h reaction, then filtering, abandon to residue, the filtrate through cooling, crystallization, centrifugal separation, washing, drying, packaging, produce boric acid products. Mgo style 2 + B2O3 + 4 h3bo3 HCL + H2O -> 2 + 2 mgcl2 4, well salt brine hydrochloric acid method. By boron brine cooking with hydrochloric acid, then through cooling crystallization, centrifugal separation, dehydration, drying, boric acid was finished. Recrystallization method to industrial boric acid dissolved in distilled water, by removing impurity, purification, filtration, crystallization, centrifugal separation, dry. Packing: in lined with kraft paper (on the second floor Or plastic) Gunny bags. Each bag net weight 25 kg or 80 kg. 5, electrolysis electrodialysis method: put the carbon carbon solution of alkaline or borax to liquid, join the condensed water to adjust to the rules of the boron concentration, as raw materials for the anode chamber of the liquid, sodium carbonate after carbide carbide containing sodium bicarbonate solution, as the raw material of cathode chamber fluid; Respectively after control filter pump hit people electrolysis electrodialysis slot corresponding indoor. After being stable flow, ventilation with direct current, adjust to the provisions of the operating current. When the anode chamber effluent meet the Ph value, then send to evaporation, then through cooling crystallization, centrifugal separation, drying, boric acid was finished. More sodium borate method boric magnesium ore roasting crushed into a certain fineness of mineral powder, according to the lower than the theoretical amount of alkali than with soda solution into the appropriate liquid-solid ratio of slurry, ventilation with different concentrations of carbon dioxide, the carbon solution under a certain temperature and pressure reaction, reaction after the slurry is filtered to abandon to sludge. Will get more sodium borate solution after evaporating sulfuric acid neutralization, cooling crystallization, centrifugal separation, drying, boric acid was finished product b ( 2采用·B2O3) +aNa2CO3+( 2 b - a) 二氧化碳( aq] →B2O3 + 2 bmgco3na2o aNa2O·b·( 3. 5 - 4. 5) B2O3+H2SO4+( 9. 5 - 12. 5) H2O→( 7 - 9) H3BO3+Na2SO4
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