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Boric acid manufacturer of boric acid storage and transportation issues

by:Yixin     2020-04-02
Within the warehouse should be stored in a dry cleaning, and may not open piled up, should avoid to rain or moisture. Should be installed in a covered wagon, or belt in the car cabin transportation, should not mix with damp items and non-ferrous materials piled up, the means of transport must be dry clean. Crystallization properties: white powder or colorless three oblique surface gloss of flaky crystallization. USES: used as glass, enamel, porcelain, pharmaceutical and other industrial raw materials. Boric acid is a kind of pure, multi-function with boron oxide materials. As with borax, boric acid is a kind of very useful industrial boride. Boric acid is theory of boron oxide and water. It is a kind of white crystal, can be made into granule or powder. These two forms in general conditions are stable, there is liquidity, can easily use air flow or mechanical transmission, the solution is slightly acidic.
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