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Boric acid manufacturer production boric acid by ion exchange method Appropriate chemical industry

by:Yixin     2020-12-28

recently, some boric acid manufacturer producing boric acid by ion exchange method, the ion exchange method greatly improved the production efficiency of boric acid manufacturer, then we would know the manufacturer of boric acid using this simple ion exchange method.

boric acid manufacturer use this kind of ion exchange method is focused on the choice of ion exchange resin. Ion exchange resin with functional groups (it involves Exchange ions has both active genes) And insoluble macromolecular compound with mesh structure, and is usually spherical particles. Manufacturer of boric acid to select this kind of ion exchange resin is often made by organic synthesis methods.

boric acid manufacturers choose this kind of ion exchange resin for different ions in the solution have different affinity, therefore also have corresponding to their adsorption selectivity. The degree of the strength of the resin exchange adsorption effect present certain regularity.

boric acid ion characteristic of boric acid samples you want to remove, choose strongly acidic cationic exchange resin, the preprocessing, removing impurities and unreacted organic skeleton.

boric acid by experiments in the manufacturer of this kind of ion exchange method is used to put into production, the effect is remarkable, the production of boric acid is quite high purity, fully meet the production requirements of industrial above. Looking forward to the ion exchange method can undertake large-scale production, better improve the efficiency of industrial production.

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