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Boric acid manufacturer, study of boron flame retarding agent - Appropriate chemical industry

by:Yixin     2020-11-25

boric acid has important application in many industry, in recent years, boric acid manufacturers began to study the application of boric acid in boron flame retardants. Boric acid manufacturer study of boron flame retarding agent added boric acid purposes, to the development of flame retardants have a very important role.

boron flame retardants mainly in the condensed phase and solid phase, and the play a role of flame retardant in the gas phase is only for some chemical reactions and halide performance flame retardant effect, boric acid manufacturer also found the key, is to further research of boric acid, to use as a flame retardant.

boric acid manufacturer, found that in the solid phase, borate melting, closed combustion surface, form the vitreous cover, isolation effect. With boric acid and borax in fiber fabric flame retardant effect, for example, in normal circumstances, the cellulose pyrolysis products are mainly sinistral glucose, further will generate carbon monoxide, hydrocarbon, ethanol, aldehyde, etc. , joined the boric acid manufacturer for boric acid flame retardant effect after the special production of boric acid, boron is material would melt in flames, along the fiber formation of vitreous outer layer, can be isolated from oxygen and heat transmission, have the effect of flame retardant.

boric acid manufacturer in the condensed phase of boron and cellulose hydroxy, found in the condensed phase, reaction of boric acid ester can inhibit the formation of glucose left-handed, reduce combustible gases.

boric acid manufacturer for boron is certain achievements have been made in the research of flame retardant, and in the process of the actual flame retardant, rarely used single flame retardants, boric acid manufacturer in the further development of research, believe that will soon be put into use.

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