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Boric acid manufacturer the complex preparation of high-purity boric acid - Appropriate chemical industry

by:Yixin     2020-12-25

boric acid in the industrial application is very extensive, manufacturer of boric acid is also working on the preparation of high purity boric acid, boric acid factory complex preparation of high-purity boric acid is found that is a good choice.

boric acid manufacturers adopt the complex preparation of high-purity boric acid, its key lies in the choice of the complexing agent, with the continuous development and utilization, of complexing agent for boric acid manufacturers to choose complexing system is very wide.

boric acid manufacturer, the study found the key factor to make or break a complex legal purification of boric acid is chosen by the reaction performance and formation of complexing agent and metal ions in the stability of the complex. The use of complex and whether to remove metal ions can form complex, and the produce of the product is stable, the mainly depends on the structure and the structure and properties of ion complexing agent.

boric acid manufacturer is considering boric acid purification is mainly to remove iron, magnesium, plasma, and considering the use of complex factors such as cost, environmental protection, so the & other; NO” Type of ligand to boric acid complexing agent.

boric acid boric acid manufacturer of all kinds of complex purification after the product is analyzed, and the other; NO” Type the purification effect of complex complex significantly stronger than the other. Boric acid manufacturers adopt complexing preparation of high-purity boric acid, can fully meet the capacitor, electronic components, the use of medicinal, photosensitive materials, future prospects are very broad.

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