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Boric acid manufacturers recycling boric acid - from the mother liquor Appropriate chemical industry

by:Yixin     2021-01-26

boric acid play an important role in glass and enamel, in recent years, borate resources increasingly scarce, boric acid manufacturer research in China a recovery of boric acid from boric acid mother liquor and greatly appreciated by the boric acid manufacturers.

manufacturer of boric acid with the recycling process is to first boric acid mother liquor pool after dealing with the steam exhaust preheater, condensed water preheating into a separation chamber, then cycle in the heating chamber and separation chamber, a heating chamber makes the mother liquid heating evaporation, evaporation of a certain water after reaching a predetermined concentration, into two effect evaporator, which in turn into three effect evaporator, evaporation is completed, will complete the liquid into the mould.

boric acid manufacturer will come from the life of the boiler steam after steam jet heat pump into the effect of mother liquor heating in the heating chamber, after the mixture of gas and liquid separation in the separation chamber, is part of the secondary steam extraction steam jet pump back mixed with raw steam is used to heat the steam, steam in the second part of the heating chamber of heating steam, heat exchange with the secondary steam and mother liquor, part of the steam is condensed, no condensation of steam into the vacuum system.

the last step is the effect of heating steam in the heating chamber into the cooled condensing water tank, part of the condensed water flash off steam, can be used as a three-way heating chamber portion of the heating steam.

boric acid manufacturer will mother liquor for enrichment, the centrifugal separation in the separator, crystal into the dryer, dry it after packing, the remaining mother liquor evaporation process and processing.

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