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Boric acid - market faces three big crisis Shanghai xin chemical industry

by:Yixin     2021-01-30

boric acid in glass, enamel, chemical and other industries are widely used, but international boric acid market turmoil, the competition is intense, which showed boric acid market faces three big crisis.

the current international market environment a

in terms of the current international environment, and the United States is the largest production and consumption in boric acid, Turkey and Russia is next. These three countries have advanced technology of production and export of boric acid strength, occupy the major share of China's imports of boric acid, coupled with Chile, Peru, Argentina and other countries to join, such an environment, both boric acid manufacturers domestic and foreign manufacturers, are facing the huge pressure of competition.

two consumer demand and supply of disproportionate

foreign boric acid manufacturer with advanced production technology and large-scale production plant, production of boric acid with low cost, large production, with strong international competitiveness. The domestic production of smaller, the annual output is less. Even so, the demand of domestic boric acid or far less than the number of imports of boric acid, appear the situation of oversupply. Such circumstances, the import of boric acid are of good quality, high purity, is more popular with consumers, at the same time, domestic boric acid are now finding life difficult.

three production technology should be enhanced

according to data shows, the world's most boron ore distribution in the western hemisphere, mainly in the United States. Boron resources in our country, and still less impurity is more, therefore the domestic production technology remains to be further improvement.

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