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Boric acid, purchasing high quality choice appropriate xin chemical industry

by:Yixin     2021-02-21

appropriate xin chemical industry was founded in 1998, the main boric acid, import boric acid, borax, imports of borax and other chemical raw materials, the company has 32 years, running for 32 years, appropriate xin chemical industry in order to win-win cooperation, the principle of good faith to provide customers high quality products, appropriate xin chemical industry always adhere to the customers high quality supplier, the customer consistent high praise and support from all over the country.

appropriate xin chemical industry sales of imports of boric acid species diversity, boric acid, Peru, Chile, boric acid, boric acid, Turkey, three like boric acid, boric acid, boric acid and Russia of Argentina are imported high quality boric acid, of course, we also sell domestic boric acid, to satisfy different customer's product requirements.

appropriate xin chemical products have been national verification, so the quality is guaranteed, we can provide samples free of charge samples, provide pre-sale, sale and after-sales service, the real from the perspective of customers, for the sake of customers, achieve win-win cooperation, to let customers worry-free.

the customer should be paid attention to when stored boric acid boric acid should be stored in a dry clean a room, not open to pile up, should avoid to rain or moisture. Should be installed in a covered wagon, or belt in the car cabin transportation, should not mix with damp items and non-ferrous materials piled up, the means of transport must be dry clean.

theory is composed of boron oxide of boric acid and water. It is a kind of white crystal, can be made into granule or powder. These two forms in general conditions are stable, there is liquidity, can easily use air flow or mechanical transmission, the solution is slightly acidic.

the purpose of borax is used in the manufacture of glass, enamel porcelain glaze, also used in medicine, chemical industry and agriculture, etc. , wide application field, market demand is bigger.

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