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Boric acid treatment of skin disease

by:Yixin     2020-12-19

disease in the face, wet apply 3% boric acid solution, optional method for use of the solution is saturated with 4 ~ 6 layer of gauze to cover in the face, duration is about an hour, and then coated with a thin layer of ailuo is loose ointment, once a day can, at the same time must stop all skin care products. Such for external use have convergence, protect the skin effect, and allergy, faded red rash, no bad stimulation to facial skin, not such as facial skin atrophy, angiotelectasis corticoid side effects.

disease between a foot, toes, can choose first the potion joint, binet Finn cream and miconazole cream. Will apply to the affected part, first the potion for the potion to dry and then coated with thin dink cream and miconazole cream. These parts well fungal infection, fu tincture, the potion is alcohol solvent has an antifungal effect, joint other antifungal cream, can strengthen the resistance to fungal infection, to prevent fungus resistance and affect curative effect.

it is worth mentioning that no matter what happened in parts of the skin itching, if the itch has appeared red and swollen skin, erosion and drainage, should choose 3% boric acid solution, the first wet apply affected part, until the local skin irritation subside, skin fair, and then according to the different parts, appropriate chooses for external use.

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