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Boric acid used in nickel plating

by:Yixin     2020-12-11

plating with boric acid is the necessary element of the bright nickel plating, boric acid in bright nickel plating was not purely stabilizing the I in the inhibition of pH value, and can expand Yin move light current density range, to use a higher current density, and make coating crystallization meticulous, burning, also can make the coating of good ductility and improve the coating and the substrate metal binding force. In addition, due to the cooperation with boric acid, is beneficial to inhibit the hydrolysis of nickel sulfate, the electrodeposition reaction smoothly.

boric acid content is less than 20 g/L, cushion is weak, cannot satisfy the production need, more than 70 g/L, the solution is cooled to room temperature will be a borate crystals, easy to loop filter out, not only wasteful, may also cause nickel coating roughness. If add acetic acid as buffering agent, although the pKa of acetic acid = 4. 74, with a larger buffer capacity, nickel plating solution pH changes more slowly. However, the nickel plating is type boric acid solution than white. Visible, electroplating with boric acid is nickel plating ideal buffer.

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