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Boron is the development of flame retardant appear vitality - let the boric acid manufacturer Shanghai xin chemical industry

by:Yixin     2020-12-15

in the market for flame retardant, mainly aluminum and boron in recent years, due to the environmental protection problem is put forward, and boron has been widely used as an excellent flame retardant, which also makes the manufacturer of boric acid are better on the market development.

boric acid manufacturer in the market now has a lot of, then we can know about the flame retardant principle of boric acid.

in normal circumstances, the main pyrolysis products of cellulose is left-handed glucan, further decomposed into carbon monoxide, hydrocarbon, ethanol, aldehyde, etc. After joining boric acid, boric acid in the flame fusion, along the fiber formation of vitreous outer layer, isolated from oxygen and heat transmission, and boron and hydroxy reaction of cellulose and generate the boric acid ester, will suppress left-handed glucan formation, flammable gas would be reduced, in addition, boric acid can also make ethanol dehydration, so there will be a lot of carbon in the process of generation. There are a lot of manufacturer of boric acid in the production of boric acid in the process, considering the function of flame retardant, boric acid of equipment will be further improved, and such cases, boric acid manufacturer also can have higher cost into it.

boron is material especially borate as fire retardant is gradually accepted by the market, promote the development of the boric acid manufacturer, make revitalized the boric acid market

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