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Boron powder in the heat of combustion test accelerant selection research

by:Yixin     2020-04-03
In order to improve the combustion method to test the accuracy of the boron powder combustion heat value, explores the rule of accelerant selection principle, choose different boron propellant development field common benzyl formate, 90 party pills, magnesium powder, a rocket propellant test standard medicine four substances as accelerant, using dry and wet two kinds of hybrids, stone of boron in GR3500 oxygen bomb calorimeter meter tested the 95 level of amorphous boron powder heat of combustion, the contrast experiments. Results showed that adding accelerant, not directly test boron powder heat of combustion, ignition failure; Using different accelerant, combustion efficiency of boron powder is different. Analysis has been the delayering of choice should be easy to ignite, high calorific value, the characteristics of high combustion temperature, low air rate, burning rate matching with boron powder at the same time, the chemical properties with boron powder has good compatibility. Compared with the dry mixing, wet mixing make solid medicine sample testing boron powder combustion heat value, boron powder combustion efficiency is higher.
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