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Buy fluoboric acid potassium, finding appropriate xin chemical industry

by:Yixin     2020-12-14

boric acid is widely used in the manufacturing industry, demand, our company is engaged in the chemical industry has 32 years, off-the-shelf fluoboric acid potassium. The customer wants to buy fluoboric acid potassium, find appropriate xin chemical industry, you can rest assured of our products.

fluoboric acid potassium nickname is fluoride potassium, boron chemical name is KBF4, CAS number is: 14075 - 53 - 7, EINECS number is: 237 - 928 - 2. The appearance of the fluoboric acid potassium present is white crystal or crystalline powder, content is more than 98%. Appropriate selling fluoboric acid potassium by xin chemical compound bag packaging is 25 kg or P. E bags, pallets.

fluoboric acid potassium purpose is: 1. Used as a cosolvent 2 in welding. In dissolves and fusion of silver, gold, stainless steel, can lift the net pulp are 3 light metal. Is a manufacturer of boron oxide and other fluoride salt 4 material. In using resin as adhesive heavy grinding wheel abrasive, used as a filling material 5. Resin finishing agent for textile printing and dyeing.

all appropriate xin chemical industry products are proven by the national standard, we can provide samples to customers to sample first, if you have any question, we have a professional team to answer you.

welcome to appropriate xin chemical industry, for more fluoboric acid potassium consulting, we are willing to share for you, help you to select the optimal products.

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