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China's potash - manufacturer of ion exchange method Appropriate chemical industry

by:Yixin     2021-02-15

there are a lot of potassium carbonate factory production technology in China, the main production process is the ion exchange method, and some developed countries abroad is using ionic membrane & ndash; Fluidized bed method, we then elaborate potash manufacturer of ion exchange method in our country.

ion exchange method is a manufacturer of potash verified through test that can produce the high quality of potassium carbonate, other production process for a variety of reasons have been eliminated.

potash manufacturer to potassium chloride mixture of 250 g/L solution, then add a small amount of potash to remove calcium and magnesium ions. Potassium carbonate manufacturers also get ammonium bicarbonate water mixture solution, applying potassium chloride into cationic exchange resin, resin into potassium type. After potash manufacturer with soft water wash resin between residual chlorine ion. Then ammonium bicarbonate solution into the resin exchange column, make it become ammonium type. In fact, get is a mixture of potassium hydrogen carbonate and ammonium bicarbonate dilute solution, with soft water after washing resin. Subsequently, potash manufacturers applying potassium chloride solution into the exchange column, recycling, the whole process of ammonium chloride solution can be used as a fertilizer.

potash manufacturers will eventually exchange liquid after preheater to evaporator, evaporation, at this point, most for potassium carbonate, potassium hydrogen carbonate decomposition after cooling to remove separation of potassium chloride. Finally, the solution into the carbonization tower, make potassium carbonate, potassium bicarbonate, after crystallization, separation, water washing, can get high quality finished product.

potash manufacturer also has been improved ion exchange method, looking forward to more concise method was born.

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