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China's potash manufacturer variety development present situation of potash Appropriate chemical industry

by:Yixin     2021-01-13

in the near future, the increase of demand for potash, potash prices also continued to rise, appeared at the same time, a lot of potassium carbonate manufacturers also began to potash new varieties of development, the plan for potash market prospect.

at present, potash manufacturer development main potash varieties of food additives, potassium carbonate, agricultural potassium carbonate and granular potassium carbonate.

potash producer development of food additives, potassium carbonate substitution consumption of soda ash, can reduce the body of sodium intake, adding potassium element necessary for health, long-term use can soften blood vessels, reduce the disease of heart head blood-vessel, has been widely used in high-grade food such as noodles, cakes. Potash producer in the process of production of food grade potassium carbonate to strictly control the indices such as arsenic, lead, make our products reach the standard of edible.

potash manufacturer also development and production of agricultural grade potassium carbonate, agriculture grade potassium carbonate on soil and crops without too much damage, effect on soil and osteoporosis, and potassium ion is the indispensable element of soil. Potassium carbonate manufacturers should pay attention to the production and application of agricultural grade potassium carbonate.

potash factory development and production of granular potassium carbonate can increase the product competitiveness of potash, currently on the market of potash is powdered potassium carbonate, more granular potassium carbonate fill the blank of the potash and more convenient storage and transportation.

potash producer has been committed to the promotion of the competitiveness of the potash and market prospect, and believe that potash prospects will be better and better.

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