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Choice of production process - fluorine sodium silicate manufacturer Appropriate chemical industry

by:Yixin     2021-01-07

fluorine sodium silicate is a common fluoride salt varieties, mainly used for enamel opal agent, flux and construction industry, in recent years, along with fluorine sodium silicate manufacturer for the large-scale production device, fluorine sodium silicate production capacity is constantly increasing.

according to the operating characteristics of synthetic process, China's fluorine sodium silicate factory production methods can be divided into intermittent synthesis method and continuous synthesis method. So-called intermittent synthesis is in the same slot for synthesis, sedimentation, washing until feeding filtering, after completion of a cycle and then on to the next cycle. And continuous synthesis is a production cycle, respectively, in the synthesis of tank, settling tank and other several equipment directly to complete, make continuous production method.

sodium fluosilicate manufacturers adopt continuous synthesis has many advantages. First of all, continuous production capacity is intermittent synthesis synthesis sockets several times, and the plant covers an area of less, low investment; Secondly, using the method of continuous synthesis of stable production, to ensure high quality output; Then, continuous synthesis of washing ability strong, can easily adjust the wash water, separate out impurities; Finally, using the method of continuous synthesis of sodium fluosilicate manufacturer can reduce labor intensity and achieve good economic benefits.

sodium fluosilicate manufacturer according to own actual situation to choose suitable production process, if the actual condition is not mature, and selects the continuous synthesis process, can cause serious waste of resources and increase costs.

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