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Classification of silica

by:Yixin     2020-04-10
Classification of silica silica is the main raw material of the siliceous refractory. Silica is also called the quartzite, main minerals are quartz SiO2. Organizational structure classification of industrial silica refractory can be divided into crystalline silica ( Recrystallization quartzite) And cementation silica ( Cementing quartzite) 。 (1) crystalline silica is by siliceous sandstone ( Quartz sandstone) The metamorphism of recrystallization and metamorphic rock. Siliceous cements of siliceous sandstone under the effect of geological conditions in the original quartz grain surface recrystallization, become increasing part of the quartz grains. Therefore, its structure is characterized by: composed of crystallization of quartz grain, quartz particles no cement or rarely ( 3% ~ 8%) ; Made by metamorphic recrystallization in the process of quartz particles closely together, and do not constitute the original siliceous sandstone of blastic texture, such as sawtooth structure, the structure of the granite and Mosaic structure. Vein quartz also belongs to the crystalline silica, it is igneous rock, is characterized by quartz grain is bigger,> 2毫米) , high purity ( SiO2> 99%) , calcined into slow, swelling, directly used in brick is difficult. Silica quartz particle cementing [2] by the combination of siliceous cements sedimentary rock, plastic structure is mainly secondary aphanitic quality quartz, usually account for about 30% ~ 75% cement content. Cementation of silica quartz crystal particles smaller, impurity content more, easy to change on heating. The above content is silica manufacturer to provide for you, I hope can help to you.
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