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Coarse particle aluminium hydroxide of aluminum hydroxide manufacturer production - Appropriate chemical industry

by:Yixin     2021-02-08

aluminum hydroxide is both sexes hydroxide, can be used to produce aluminium salt and glass products, widely used in modern industrial technology, and People's Daily life, in recent years, the aluminum industry has developed rapidly in our country.

sand alumina particle size distribution and mechanical strength, basic depends on the strength of aluminium hydroxide granularity and general requirements of aluminum hydroxide granularity coarser and relatively uniform, specific to meet the requirements of alumina electrolysis plant size. Sand production of alumina is the key points of process control of technical conditions, only the decomposition process can produce larger and high strength thick aluminum hydroxide particles, the aluminum hydroxide to satisfy the requirement of sand of alumina production. Aluminum hydroxide manufacturer to produce coarse particle aluminium hydroxide is must study the sodium aluminate solution and decomposition conditions on the influence of particle size.

aluminum hydroxide factory research of sodium aluminate solution is a very important step, manufacturer of aluminum hydroxide from saturated sodium aluminate solution began to decompose aluminum hydroxide precipitation of the length of time, you need to the production process has important significance. If the production process control is bad, spontaneous crystallization precipitation aluminum hydroxide, the solution will cause the loss of resources.

aluminum hydroxide granularity too much volatility of reason is various, one of the main reason is decomposition volume is too small, decomposition with the continuous improvement of production time, break time shorter.

manufacturer of aluminum hydroxide in the process of production can not blindly pursue the production, especially the conflict of time, quality and output or manufactured product granularity will render sizes and late effects of industrial applications.

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