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Colemanite have what use

by:Yixin     2020-04-09
Colemanite is formed by borax and sodium boron XieShi a hydrous calcium borate salt content, the small make up will introduce the main use of the product for you, hope can help for you! 1. The product can be used as fluxing agent used in the steel industry; 2. Colemanite can be used as a flame retardant used in the plastics industry; 3. As a kind of natural existence important boric acid salt and chemical raw materials, is manufacturing boric acid, alkali-free glass fiber, the main raw material of plastic reinforcer and boron alloys. Colemanite has the above USES, we can be of certain organic modification, to improve its compatibility with organic polymer, to improve the mechanical properties and mechanical properties, extend its application range further.
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