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Continuous production process - sodium nitrate manufacturer Appropriate chemical industry

by:Yixin     2021-01-16

sodium nitrate is important in industry of nitrate, widely used in glass, enamel, metallurgy, fertilizer and other industries, manufacturers in the production of sodium nitrate and sodium nitrate in the continuous improvement production process, efforts to increase production.

sodium nitrate factory independent research and development of sodium nitrate continuous transformation of production technology, equipment than the original doubled, nitric oxide produced by the gas in the transformation process also can be used to preparing acid or neutralization liquid, dual effect of reduction efficiency can be obtained.

sodium nitrate factory in China generally used air stirring continuous production process, this process, the reaction of mother liquor inadequate, long reaction time, low production capacity, can't meet the needs of the sodium nitrate large-scale industrial production. At the same time, due to the mixing of air quality in the transformation process to reflect nitric oxide generated several times, so a lot of oxygen in the air transform nitric oxide, nitrogen dioxide, increased load, reduce the absorption rate, serious impact on the quality and quantity of the products.

this continuous im into technology, is equipped with packing by the upper tower in mother liquid sodium nitrite and nitrate in a row, with a circulation pump on the bottom of the liquid transformation reflow backwashing, increases the converter into a number of advanced technologies, such as, achieve no stirring continuous production of sodium nitrate, became the first process of sodium nitrate manufacturers.

sodium nitrate manufacturers adopt the continuous production technology, dispels the bottleneck of restricting device further expansion, implements the enterprise to reduce emissions and increase production.

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