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Converter industry is about to start implementing the third edition of national standard Appropriate chemical industry

by:Yixin     2021-01-22

listen to the news said that since April 14, 2017, domestic converter industry is about to start implementing the third edition of national standard. Domestic all socket complete new and old standard, enterprise can produce products that meet the new gb. On October 31, 2018, only domestic sales of products that meet the new gb. Paging through the previous, found that the country has published two version of national standard. The first edition is implemented on May 1, 1999, the second edition was published in 2008. To enforce the third edition of national standard, the power cord, bold, materials, flame retardant, 3 g product name change and mandatory certification requirements. From some of the current user feedback information for new gb to increase consumer protection department of the regulations, the most attention. Because the socket product quality problems caused by the user's personal injury case, in recent years. New gb mandatory lug plate socket must be set to protect door, avoid children because fingers or metal objects by accident cause accident getting an electric shock. These don't look behind complex rules, actually to enterprise production request. Especially since this year the raw material price increases, let new gb socket cost will improve accordingly. According to the new national standard for socket implementation, for the broad masses of ordinary people is a good thing, at least not in the usual or fire danger in use. Shanghai appropriate release xin chemical co. , LTD. , company's main borax, boric acid and other chemical raw materials in glass industry, is that alibaba 9 years trustpass client, please visit http://www. yxhg218. Com, or WWW. shyixinhg。 cn。 Thank you very much!

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