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Cooling the filtering process and flame retardant mechanism of boron calcium stone

by:Yixin     2020-03-28
When we were in the preparation of boron calcium stone is a need for certain cooling filter, this would increase the effect of the product. A specific cooling filter is as follows: cooling filtering: will the distillation kettle of purified hydrogen fluoride gas bubbled into the cooler for cooling and filter, ptfe at the bottom of the cooler is full of packing, on hydrogen fluoride gas filtering by cooling the gas has been purified hydrogen fluoride gas into liquid critical state, which also has a small amount of impurity separation, part of reflux impurities to the distillation kettle, the cooling filter purification of hydrogen fluoride gas into the absorption tower again. The absorption tower of boron calcium stone semi-finished products into 0. 05-0. The conclusion of the filter 2 microns ultra high purity boron calcium stone finished products. Second, boron calcium stone the flame retardant mechanism of boron calcium stone is a kind of aqueous calcium borate salt content, is formed by boron sodium XieShi and borax. It has the flame retardant mechanism of the following steps. 1, boron calcium stone is heated above 300 c, the slow release of crystallization water, absorb a lot of heat energy, reduce burning surface temperature; 2, release the moisture, dilute oxygen in the air, inhibit combustion reaction; 3, eventually produce vitreous boron oxide thin film, cover on the polymer, the insulation resistance of oxygen function; 4, with organic halide compound, flame retardant effect is better. The above content is boron stone manufacturer to provide for you, hope to help you.
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