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Copper sulfate used

by:Yixin     2020-04-09
Purpose is used as the analytical reagent, such as biological configuration can be used for the identification of reducing sugar of Lin reagent and biuret reagent for the identification of protein B liquid, but often it is now with current; Used as a food grade and clarifying agent, chelating agent used in preserved eggs and wine production process; Industrial fields. Used in the manufacture of other copper salts, such as cuprous chloride, copper chloride, pyrophosphate copper, cuprous oxide, copper acetate, copper carbonate, copper single azo dyes such as reactive brilliant blue and reactive violet; Ship bottom antifouling paint coating industry for the production. Electroplating industry as a full bright acid copper plating the main salt and copper ion additive; Used as a mordant dyeing industry and fine cloth dyeing and oxygen aid; Organic industrial catalyst used for synthetic spices and dyes intermediates, methyl methacrylate polymerization inhibitor. Anhydrous salt used in catalytic turn acetal. Anhydrous salt reaction with potassium permanganate to generate a kind of antioxidant, is used for primary alcohol conversion. Agriculture, is mixed with limewater generated after bordeaux mixture, as a fungicide, is used to control the crops on the fungus, to prevent rotting fruit, etc; Because of the copper ion toxic to fish, dosage must be strictly controlled. Breeding is also used as the main raw material of feed additive trace element copper; Used for alcohol dehydrating agent and organic compounds. Gas dryer. Chemical education, copper sulfate is often included in the children's chemical experiment reagent, used in the production of crystal test and the copper plating. Because of its toxicity, not recommended for children to use. Copper sulfate can also be used to demonstrate the crystal water loss of weathering and water of crystallization process. In the junior middle school experiment exam, is validated with the displacement reaction of copper sulfate and iron law of conservation of mass. Can also be producing sulfuric acid. Used as emetic medical field.
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