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Discern between true and false Russia boric acid

by:Yixin     2020-12-14

recently some customers will use imported Russian boric acid reaction, appear before and after the quality is not stable, and with imported Russian incredibly really because of various reasons lead to cannot use, is largely due to chemical market now Russia boric acid quality is uneven, the prohibition shoddy phenomenon. Appropriate of Shanghai xin chemical industry co. , LTD. For this problem to answer them:

we to discern between true and false from the following points: from the outer packing to distinguish: quality goods trading is in the form of 2 tons tons of package, to see if the original ton bag, then to observe the packing details, because of the fake goods is plastic board printing, printing interface pressure is different, the font appears unavoidably burrs phenomenon, uneven color, the original use of iron plate printing, the handwriting clear.

these discern between true and false and boric acid, you can reference, to avoid buying fake Russian boric acid, boric acid more question, can consult Shanghai xin chemical co. , LTD.

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