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Do the surface modification of product - aluminium hydroxide manufacturer Appropriate chemical industry

by:Yixin     2021-01-08

aluminum hydroxide in the polymer material such as rubber, plastic and adhesive industry and is widely applied in the field of composite material, at the same time, the aluminum hydroxide has good flame retardant performance, smoke abatement function and relatively low decomposition temperature, dosage of above is an industrial's largest inorganic flame retardants.

aluminum hydroxide manufacturer of aluminum hydroxide product surface modification, improve the physical and chemical properties of aluminum hydroxide, aluminum hydroxide and the compatibility of organic high polymer or resin, improve the mechanical strength, and can reduce the cost of manufacturer production products.

aluminum hydroxide as the inorganic filler and organic polymer, in physical and chemical structure on very different, both poor affinity, aluminum hydroxide and matrix, namely the interfacial compatibility of organic high polymer is poor, hard to evenly dispersed in the matrix, if directly to fill, will cause the uneven dispersion, these will be limiting the amount of added in aluminum hydroxide in the polymer, which seriously affect the performance of the products. Therefore, aluminum hydroxide manufacturer to surface modification was studied for the product, so that you can fully enhance the purpose of the aluminum hydroxide, break through the limit.

aluminum hydroxide experiment by a large number of products manufacturers, the surface modification of aluminum hydroxide with all-round research, explore out the optimum process conditions of surface modification, putting into production, the production of aluminum hydroxide product in the certain degree is much higher than before.

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