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Domestic potash manufacturers how to enter the international market - Appropriate chemical industry

by:Yixin     2021-01-13

potash is an important inorganic chemical raw materials, with the development of national economy, our country's computer equipment such as demand increases, greatly stimulated the sustainable development of potassium carbonate production and market, countries in the world also raised a hot wave of potash expansion device.

in our country is the important potash production and consumption country in the world, every year, in the industry and agriculture in our country, also rapid increase in the amount of potash, promoted the development of potassium carbonate industry in our country, brought potash producer great prospects for development.

potash factory production of potassium carbonate in China compared with foreign advanced countries, or appear on a smaller scale, backward production technology, pollution and so on, therefore, the country's potash or temporarily enter the international market.

at present, potash manufacturer in China is not suitable for the new production facility, but should be to improve the existing production process and technology, improve the competitiveness of the device, increase the competitiveness of the products.

potash manufacturer in China most of the ion exchange method is used to production, and some foreign countries have adopted is the ion membrane method, it takes a lot of investment, the introduction of foreign technology and equipment cost is higher, for the present domestic most who the scale of potash producer is not very well.

potash manufacturers in China to strengthen technical innovation, improve the overall level is the top priority, enlarging the application scope of potash, by the way, strengthen the development of the market.

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