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Domestic production of potassium nitrate manufacturers - Appropriate chemical industry

by:Yixin     2021-02-12
Also known as saltpeter,

potassium nitrate is colorless transparent prismatic or white crystalline powder, is an important inorganic chemical products and high quality of compound fertilizer. In recent years, with the use of agricultural grade potassium nitrate, the market, the demand for potassium nitrate is growing rapidly.

potassium nitrate production in China has developed rapidly, now has become one of potassium nitrate production country in the world, production methods mainly adopt the method of ammonium nitrate and potassium chloride conversion, production capacity of the average annual growth rate of about 20%.

our manufacturer later for the development of agricultural potassium nitrate, potassium nitrate is mainly because the price of potassium nitrate is higher, can't be widely used in recent years, along with the widely cultivated agricultural greenhouse vegetables, the importance of potash to reflect, then the market demand for agricultural potassium nitrate has significantly increased.

nitrate resources required for the production of potassium nitrate in China is very rich, mainly nitrate and ammonium nitrate, the raw material market supply sufficient, price cheap is smooth, supply exceeds demand. In addition, China's xinjiang region has abundant sodium nitrate deposits, and the world's largest sodium nitrate origin was flat, Chile's resources exist associated potassium at the same time, the future will can be used in the production of potassium nitrate.

some of the domestic large-scale manufacturer of potassium nitrate update production equipment, USES the production of potassium nitrate ion exchange method, greatly expand the potassium nitrate production capacity. After years of research practice, potassium nitrate factory has fully mastered the production technology of ion exchange method.

breakthrough products continuous separation of potassium nitrate, multi-effect evaporation, continuous crystallization and a series of technical problems, for our country development of potassium nitrate industry has laid a good foundation.

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