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Domestic water potential of borax factory overview - 10 Appropriate chemical industry

by:Yixin     2020-11-20

the ten water borax factory production capacity is the third largest in the world, second only to Turkey and the United States. For over 50 years, borax industry in China from scratch, rapid development, has a great potential for development.

for over 50 years, 10 water borax factory has developed rapidly in our country, the powerful support for the national economic construction. With the development of the society, the future of our country market demand for borax also will be more and more high, also will more and more high to the quality of the product requirement. Our country's ten water borax factory will therefore sets up the idea of keeping pace with The Times, targeting the market demand, understand the changes in the consumer market, actively adjust the product structure.

10 water borax factory in China to adjust product structure, fully meet the needs of national economic construction and improve the international competitiveness of borax industry in China. At present, our country's ten water borax manufacturers produce a surplus of ten water borax has obvious, therefore to appropriately control the scale of borax ten water production and avoid redundant construction, the development of positive five water borax and other specialized production of borax, make our country's ten water borax manufacturer into full production all sorts of breed borax factory, realize the organic unity between borax industry and market demand, the sustainable development road.

10 water borax manufacturer should actively strengthen the work of science and technology, improve technical research, especially in the aspects such as the waste of resources in the process of production and product quality more seriously.

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