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by:Yixin     2020-11-29

a signature scientist Edison, invented the light bulb, using 999 kind of filament, failed, in 1000th experiments, successful, it is because the & other Insist on & throughout; Edison finally wait for results. Without his persistence and unremitting efforts, now, I'm afraid we still live in a world of candles and kerosene, success is the spirit of the need to keep on this.

failure is the mother of success. Success is also based on failure, a failure to have success, failure teaches us to continue to explore, to find, to experiment, try to make the same mistake next time. Also, a person without failure, can't realize the joy of success, not everyone was born after each do one thing is successful, all need to strive for success.

Shanghai appropriate xin chemical co. , LTD insist on the sales of boric acid, borax, 20 years in east China, central China region has a higher visibility, boron sales increasing year by year. Under the guidance of general manager NiYongFa, the company business is booming, with persistence, can have today's harvest.

borax, boric acid sales is such, we do have a lot of suppliers and we competition a user and want to promote products to go out, will have will, often the first telephone in the past, reply: no, in the past, the second phone reply: we have a supplier, the third a phone call past, reply: what's the price for you? How the quality? Fourth phone in the past, to consider, the fifth the phone in the past, to send some samples to come over, a phone call past, 6 replies: 'nuclear, a phone call past, 7 reply: & hellip; … , maybe make you sign a contract, may still take you away. Only insist, can have hope of success, if failed, also can experience the joy of success.

will is motivation. The success of a person, sometimes with personal beliefs, and of their determination, the in the mind only think & other; I can make it & throughout; Can. More to believe in your ability, you don't believe in yourself, how others believe? Clear their goals, to make efforts in a certain direction, and constantly research, hard work, learning, to succeed. All in all, the only important factors of success is persistence. Fails, the strong; Fell down, stand up; Will need to perserve, requires constant hard work. Because, persistence is the parent of success!

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