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Even borax medicinal value, you know?

by:Yixin     2020-11-18

borax is a kind of colorless transparent crystals or white crystalline powder, according to the different crystallization water, can be divided into ten water borax, borax and zero water and borax. Due to the different processing method, sometimes rendering object type or basin type. Borax can dissolve in water, soluble in water or glycerine, is better to colorless, pure and light body brittle.

as everybody knows, borax is widely used in glass, chemical, metallurgical and other industries, but you know, borax and medicinal value can not be ignored.

according to the square pulse authentic records, to treat gas fire and phlegm, the closed throat bulge impassability: borax a money. Put the mouth holding. The effect of borax. Journal of zhejiang TCM, borax and the effect of treatment of sprain, famous works of many Chinese herbs have mentioned the role of borax. Borax medicinal value, it is hard to imagine.

there are reports that: in clinic, borax in sweat stain, epilepsy, cure cure cure lumbar sprain, incurable chlorine bone disease, and these cases mould sex vaginitis has played an important role.

but note that borax to the health of human body harm is bigger, continuous intake of words can be accumulated in the body to form hinder the role of enzymes in the digestive tract, borax poisoning phenomenon, appear the symptom such as vomiting and diarrhea. 1 - 3 g can make the person poisoning, 15 g may be fatal, babies need to be careful, 2 - 3, has is the limit.

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