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Except the study new technology of ammonia - potash plant Appropriate chemical industry

by:Yixin     2021-01-07

potash in industry has very big effect to the above, the potassium carbonate manufacturers generally produced by ion exchange method, ion exchange method in China has been around for more than 30 years of history, potash producer of particles, carbide, wastewater treatment and other issues, but in the ion exchange liquid in a small amount of ammonium bicarbonate is still in the stage of low level.

at present, potash producer in the evaporation pretreatment stage except ammonia methods is heating evaporation, is before entering the evaporation stage, using indirect heating steam heating, the decomposition of ammonium bicarbonate part operating temperature is in commonly 80 to 90, most of the ammonium hydrogen carbonate into the evaporation stage.

potash manufacturer of temperature, gas and liquid, the spray density, the stripping time and initial density factors such as the decomposition rate of ammonium bicarbonate is analyzed, it is concluded that material liquid temperature and the ratio of gas and liquid, the spray density and had a great influence on except ammonia stripping time, and the initial concentration of the feed solution of the impact is not big.

therefore, potash producer in addition to the new technology of ammonia, it is concluded that the best material liquid temperature is 85, gas liquid volume ratio of 30 to 1, the spray density is 55, stripping time of 2. 5 hours, and its rate of ammonia is 95. 48%, under the condition of best reasonable technology, ion exchange liquid potassium bicarbonate in the decomposition rate is not high, compared with the traditional methods, the process to remove ammonium bicarbonate with high efficiency, saving steam consumption, has good economic benefit.

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