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Five water borax overview - Turkey Appropriate chemical industry

by:Yixin     2020-12-23

Turkey is producing borax five water power, China's imports of borax pentahydrate borax pentahydrate occupy large proportion in Turkey. This collision occurs borax in China market at the same time, we also have to admit that the Turkish borax pentahydrate indeed has its of merit.

Turkey is boron resources most populous country in the world, and even the United States is unable to compare with. Because of its geographical position advantage, Turkey, Turkish borax five water are sold to all over the world, and occupied the main market, today we learn about the boron resources in Turkey.

there are three main types of boron mineral: Turkey natural borax, colemanite and ulexite. With the greatest content with colemanite, colemanite according to how much can be divided into two categories, arsenic containing high arsenic are mainly distributed in the flexor tower shia aimee, parts of the province to produce boric acid; Arsenic lower are mainly distributed in ballack's province and bursa hill, is mainly used to produce borax, used in glass industry.

Turkey the purity of boron ore resources also can not compare with other countries, it is vital for producing borax pentahydrate, can save a lot of tedious steps in the process of production, so the Turkish borax five water in the world would have such a big advantage.

Turkey is not so advanced science and technology, the United States produce borax pentahydrate is dominant, which is closely related with the natural advantage of Turkey.

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