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Fluorine sodium silicate factory add the microcosmic influence to the product - the seed Appropriate chemical industry

by:Yixin     2020-11-17

sodium fluosilicate mainly used in enamel, glass, concrete industry, is one of the largest fluorosilicate varieties, dosage of market position, fluorine sodium silicate manufacturers added during the production of seed will micro influence on product.

sodium fluosilicate manufacturers how to add the seed after the first acid salt, salt before acid and salts to join at the same time, the method of different methods to get sodium fluosilicate crystal will produce certain micro impact.

first is acid salt after adding seed crystal and fluorine sodium silicate manufacturer through experimental research, to get the sample of the present rules of crystal structure, but the brightness is low. To some extent, the shape of the seed particles and crystallization behavior as seed add change, the crystal grain width of irregular appearance after growth to a certain extent, crystal particles will toward the spherical particle growth. This way of adding crystal seed to get samples of the average particle size in the 80 microns.

then the salt before acid method, this method of the surface of the crystal grain has a small amount of irregular spherical particles, crystal inside there are a lot of small grain size, the shape of the crystal particles and crystallization behavior along with the adding of seed does not obvious change and fluorine sodium silicate manufacturer is specified, this kind of method to get the sample of the average particle size in 60 microns.

finally acid salt to join at the same time, the method of sodium fluosilicate manufacturer after the test, the sodium fluosilicate crystal grain size and crystallization behavior in a seed and the absence of seed each are not identical, to add the seed to get the average particle size in 120 microns, without adding seed size in 95 microns.

sodium fluosilicate manufacturers also studied an acid salt is added at the same time in accordance with the proportions of semi-continuous method, can produce fine sand of fluorine sodium silicate products.

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