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Fluorine sodium silicate factory efforts to improve the production rate, reducing salt consumption Appropriate chemical industry

by:Yixin     2021-01-16

sodium fluorosilicate is glass, fluorosilicate dosage the biggest, in the construction industry is mainly used as enamel flux, milky white glass and concrete curing agent, sodium fluosilicate manufacturer in China every year to produce large amounts of fluorine sodium silicate for industrial production of the above applications.

sodium fluosilicate manufacturers according to the original production technology of sodium fluosilicate, the production of salt and salt concentration, purity of crystallization, salt coefficient and method of feeding, and so on many factors, has adopted a series of measures, improve the production rate.

sodium fluosilicate manufacturer for charging coefficient change, the original process in the salt concentration is reduced, the experiment, the yield of sodium fluosilicate is not affected, but the whole production process of salt consumption decreased.

in the original production process, sodium fluosilicate manufacturer to increase the number of washing, reduces the washing water, in this way, not only can improve the washing effect, and can reduce water consumption, reducing the loss of dissolved.

sodium fluosilicate manufacturers through the experiment, to improve the salt feeding way, at first, the salt way should slow play, such as its formation and then accelerate the seed, the largest grain, is conducive to the operation of the process later.

sodium fluosilicate manufacturer in order to reduce the dissolution loss of production time, ensure the low salt concentration limit, to change the original settlement time, extend the settling time, make the settlement of fluorine sodium silicate can fully down.

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