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Fluorine sodium silicate factory - how is synthesis process Appropriate chemical industry

by:Yixin     2020-12-16

the biggest use of fluorine sodium silicate is used in building materials industry, can also be used as a milky white enamel cosolvent or glass, is also applied in other industry and agriculture.

sodium fluosilicate synthesis process is the most important production link in production of sodium fluosilicate and sodium fluosilicate manufacturer is also very importance to the link, the fluorine sodium silicate manufacturer in the process of synthesis get larger crystalline sodium fluorosilicate as far as possible, such ability can make the product easy to settlement, to reduce the loss of sodium fluorosilicate in mother liquor.

sodium fluosilicate manufacturer for sodium fluorosilicate, the larger the grain size, the smaller the surface area, crystal surface adsorption of mother liquor is the less, are more likely to be washed clean, rinse can effectively reduce the loss in the process of, and grain size larger fluorine sodium silicate is not easy to wear in the process of dehydration filter cloth, can reduce the loss in the process of dehydration.

manufacturer of sodium fluosilicate finally there is a small amount of sodium fluosilicate, in the mother liquor can let it stand for a period of time in the settling tank, it can be one of the sodium fluosilicate crystal settling down, realize recycling.

sodium fluosilicate manufacturers will continue to strengthen technological management, increase the rate of the transgression of fluorine and utilization, can fundamentally improve the yield of sodium fluorosilicate.

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