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Fluorine sodium silicate factory study - the product crystallization process Appropriate chemical industry

by:Yixin     2021-01-26

fluorine sodium silicate has been widely used in agricultural and industrial purposes, is a kind of important inorganic chemical products, appearance is white granular or crystal powder, irritant, currently on the market of sodium fluosilicate can be divided into two kinds of dry and wet powder.

for a long time, fluorine sodium silicate manufacturers are using intermittent method to produce sodium fluorosilicate, let fluosilicic acid at room temperature and saturated solution of sodium chloride to get products by crystallization, the resulting products wide particle size distribution and particle small, easy to agglomerate, also makes the transportation and reserve more than a lot of unnecessary trouble.

therefore, fluorine sodium silicate manufacturers to improve production technology, makes the product of uniform grain bulky, fluorine sodium silicate is the common between manufacturer and user demand, is also quite urgent.

sodium fluosilicate manufacturers to improve the production conditions, using the optimal process conditions, and then change the crystal shape, find the crystal shape type to product the influence of crystallization. Fluorine sodium silicate manufacturer to control the concentration of the feed fluosilicate 12%, to the way of adding sodium fluosilicate for charging, make the crystal size distribution is relatively larger, makes the production process can realize continuous feed.

sodium fluosilicate manufacturers to improve the mold, on the basis of the crystallization kinetics, with new mold good crystalline sodium fluosilicate crystal, quicksand to making large particles of sodium fluosilicate crystal, this method is also need to be put into use, in order to obtain high quality products.

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