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Fluorine sodium silicate manufacturer - drying process Appropriate chemical industry

by:Yixin     2021-01-04

have the difference between dry and wet powder fluorine sodium silicate, sodium fluosilicate manufacturer produces in the process of the powder need to dry processing of products, the process is very high to the requirement of equipment, now more and more sodium fluosilicate vendors using air dryers to dry fluorine sodium silicate.

sodium fluorosilicate in above the industry has a very important role, fluorine sodium silicate manufacturers to develop the gas generator of form a complete set and coal-fired furnace, perfect solution to the difficulty of coal for heat source area, second, the dry method is low investment, high reliability, good product appearance, dry out and can further remove the silica gel, active ingredient is constantly improving.

sodium fluosilicate manufacturer use this air dry places still need to be aware of a lot of, first of all, in the product of feeding area, its moisture content is lower, the better, the mass fraction of water not higher than 9%, otherwise it will cause poor feeding. Second, feed the free hydrochloric acid must be clean, otherwise it will cause the equipment corrosion, cause yellowing of the product, the best thing to do is add a small amount of soda ash in front of the filter in sodium fluosilicate neutralization, but it is important to note that the product after neutralization, must be timely filtering, or it will results in the decrease of active ingredients of the product.

sodium fluosilicate dried products take good save, can't let the product stored in damp places, has strict requirements on the packing also, need to strictly according to the regulation process.

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