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Fluorine sodium silicate manufacturer for larger particles product - crystallization experiment Appropriate chemical industry

by:Yixin     2021-01-02

sodium fluosilicate play an important role in the industry, is the largest construction and building materials industries use fluorosilicate varieties, fluorine sodium silicate manufacturer in China to produce a larger particles of fluorine sodium silicate products, and has carried on the deep research on the crystallization process.

sodium fluosilicate manufacturer in the process of crystallization, raw material acid concentration and the way the feed particle size has great influence on product. Fluorine sodium silicate factory experiment, 12% of fluorosilicic acid solution into the reaction system can be larger and sodium fluosilicate crystal is relatively uniform.

sodium fluosilicate manufacturer change product crystallization process to continuous crystallization, Oslo crystallizer and DTB crystallizer superiority of the product particle size distribution of MSMPR crystallizer for crystals, and gathered trend with fluorine sodium silicate products.

sodium fluosilicate interface stability zone width is very narrow, crystallization is mainly a nucleation, cannot be carried out in accordance with the conventional method to control the crystal grain size control, the residence time in the process of crystallization and fluosilicate feed way will affect the nucleation rate of fluorine sodium silicate.

sodium fluosilicate manufacturers using the structure transformation of the Oslo mould to realize continuous crystallization, can get a better crystal products, to join the mother liquor in the crystallizer and a certain amount of seed, fluorine sodium silicate solution and sodium chloride saturated solution at 20% of the excess salt stoichiometric proportion to join system, to achieve forced circulation, get the ball big granular products.

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