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Fluorine sodium silicate manufacturer for mixing method and wet method - sodium sulfate Appropriate chemical industry

by:Yixin     2020-11-24

sodium fluosilicate factory has been to improve production process and make unremitting efforts, the sodium salt feeding way with dry method and wet method and hybrid method of feeding, so just what are the advantages of hybrid method?

sodium fluosilicate manufacturers to develop hybrid method is take advantage of the dry method and wet method, and its essence is to use after the separation of mother liquid salt.

relative to the dry sodium sulfate, sodium fluosilicate manufacturer of hybrid method during the production process can avoid the dry feeding easy because local supersaturation of fluorine sodium silicate to form a large number of crystal nucleus, mother liquid salt, fluosilicate and sodium sulfate in the liquid phase, diffusion is better than that of solid sodium sulfate, can greatly improve the utilization rate of fluorosilicic acid, the above operation, to avoid the dry feeding speed is difficult to control, the operation of the disadvantage of poor stability.

relative to wet sodium sulfate, the hybrid method to save the most differentiation of salt water, reducing the discharge of sewage, this is a crucial issue for fluorine sodium silicate factory, at the same time, the utilization of fluosilicate and therefore be improved, device, also can avoid congestion and failure of the other. After the mother liquid salt, on the one hand, make full use of the heat of fluosilicate, on the other hand, the temperature coefficient of the bearing system of dilute sulphuric acid sodium sulfate is smaller, thus reducing the need to steam heating of the link, the original solution greatly save the cost of sodium fluosilicate manufacturer.

sodium fluosilicate manufacturers to develop hybrid method production technology, production after the effect is remarkable, believe that will be more and more of this hybrid method is used to produce sodium fluosilicate manufacturer.

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