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Fluorine sodium silicate manufacturer for production of waste water after treatment Appropriate chemical industry

by:Yixin     2021-01-06

fluorine sodium silicate has a lot of industrial and agricultural purposes, the finished product is the difference between dry and wet powder, sodium fluosilicate have medium poison, so sodium fluosilicate manufacturer production waste water processing, or it will and did a lot of air pollution to the environment.

sodium fluosilicate wastewater after the manufacturer production product, generally the mass fraction of hydrochloric acid is less than 5%, and the mass fraction of fluorine is less than 0. 7%. Fluorine sodium silicate manufacturers generally use limestone or lime neutralization, chloride ions in the liquid phase and is easy to remove fluoride ions. At the same time, to get the attention of fluorine sodium silicate manufacturer is that when using limestone and Mr Into fluoride calcium silicate, when solution PH greater than 1. After 9, fluoride calcium silicate hydrolysis will start to generate calcium fluoride. With the increase of solution PH, fluoride calcium silicate hydrolysis speed will be faster.

because the solubility of calcium fluoride, be a great degree of supersaturation in an instant, this will make produce very fine solid phase after settling difficult, therefore, manufacturer of sodium fluosilicate neutralization process best points to two pieces, a PH control is controlled in 3, the calcium fluoride in a relatively small degree of supersaturation of nucleation and then continue with another section using lime milk neutralization, it generated solid-phase easier separation, and low cost.

sodium fluosilicate manufacturer to deal with waste water, conform to the enterprise sewage discharge standards, for enterprises to improve the equipment, fluorine sodium silicate product quality is getting better and better.

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