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Fluorine sodium silicate manufacturer for sodium fluosilicate hazard prevention - Appropriate chemical industry

by:Yixin     2021-01-30

precipitation commonly used sodium fluosilicate manufacturers on the market for production, because sodium fluosilicate belongs to medium poison, so in the process of production must carry on the strict management, guard against poisoning.

sodium fluosilicate manufacturer production fluorine sodium silicate process will produce a large amount of waste water, damage to the environment, increase the cost of waste water purification processing, sodium fluosilicate by heat or acid mist contact will emit poisonous smoke. When sodium fluosilicate come into contact with acids reaction, send out a corrosive and stimulating hydrogen fluoride and silicon tetrafluoride gas, not only has a harm to human body, also on the surrounding influence on water quality.

sodium fluosilicate manufacturer to deeply understanding the harm of sodium fluosilicate, so for the whole production process is also has many is prohibited. Fluorine sodium silicate manufacturer isolation leakage pollution area, restricted access, pollution area around a warning signs, emergency response personnel to wear dust mask, wear chemical protective clothing, not direct contact with the leak, in the case of security leak.

sodium fluosilicate manufacturers of sodium fluosilicate adopted emergency measures, when skin is exposed to fluorine sodium silicate, to shed contaminated clothing, with flowing water for flushing, hurry up go to a doctor, if accidentally inhaled sodium fluosilicate volatile gas, will quickly from the scene to fresh air place, if the situation is serious, want to immediately to carry oxygen, hurry up go to a hospital checking.

sodium fluosilicate manufacturer of sodium fluosilicate store also has a certain request, considering the characteristics of sodium fluosilicate, build special storage area to its, make sure no accident happened.

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