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Fluorine sodium silicate manufacturer - for the modification of the sewage system Appropriate chemical industry

by:Yixin     2020-12-18

the purpose of the fluorine sodium silicate is very wide, in the market has a very important role, a lot of construction and building materials industrial production cannot leave the fluorine sodium silicate, sodium fluosilicate manufacturer will update production process step by step, to find some of the problems existing in the production process and processing.

sewage is fluorine sodium silicate manufacturer's priorities, from the mother liquor of sodium fluosilicate devices wastewater into homogeneous first regulating pool, the regulation of water quality, water quantity, to ensure the continuous and stable operation of the sewage treatment station the follow-up unit, regulating pool is divided into two road, each set in a blender, uniform water quality after the sewage pump up to the level of neutralization reaction reaction in the pool, at the same time to the first order reaction pool add lime emulsion from high slot, adjust the PH of reaction pool, two levels of response, after the sludge to phosphoric acid slurry tank again, eventually sent to slag.

sodium fluosilicate manufacturer to synthesize device, filter washing wastewater of mother liquor, the original flow pump instead of pump, the pump suction pipe with special material, imported mesh screen, avoid the freezing in the sewage treatment.

sodium fluosilicate factory sewage treatment system, the product of grain too bulky, material is not blocked, product increase at the same time, consumption is also gradually reduced, the economic benefit and environment is very obvious.

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