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Fluorine sodium silicate manufacturer to examine the effect of mixing of fluorine sodium silicate ammoniation - Appropriate chemical industry

by:Yixin     2021-01-21

the so-called sodium fluosilicate ammoniation are spontaneous in alkaline conditions more fully to the direction of the biological, mixing is to accelerate sodium fluosilicate ammonification reaction rate of external conditions.

sodium fluosilicate manufacturer to research the way and effect of fluorine sodium silicate ammoniation process of mixing, stirring increases the mass transfer of the reaction area, increased the effective collision frequency.

sodium fluosilicate manufacturer mixing process of multiple and complex, mainly include: mixing system Settings, installation position and rotating speed of the impeller, shaft power, the nature of material, etc. So the mixing process influence fluorine sodium silicate ammoniation behavior.

sodium fluosilicate manufacturer that solid particles dispersed in the liquid phase after research, forming the mixture of solid and liquid or suspension, with the aid of the role of agitator make strong turbulent suspension, decrease the drag of solid liquid film around the ions, thus increase the mass transfer and chemical reaction rate area. Sodium fluosilicate said, want to make sodium fluosilicate fully suspended, insist on good mixer volume of circulation, and ammonia itself requirements under strong stirring, mixing, as a kind of condition affect sodium fluosilicate ammoniation behavior.

sodium fluosilicate manufacturers think ammoniation behavior is closely related to the operation, sodium fluosilicate ammoniation are complex decomposition reaction in alkaline conditions, there are two things to the requirement of mixing operation, good thing is stirred tank volume of circulation, with the impeller rotating fluorine sodium silicate completely suspended, the other is stirrer have higher stirring intensity, fluids throughout the stirred tank with turbulent flow loop.

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