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Fluorine sodium silicate manufacturer to product sulfuric acid root analysis method Appropriate chemical industry

by:Yixin     2021-02-10

sodium fluorosilicate is important fluorosilicate varieties, in industry and agriculture has a very important purpose above, is now in the market a lot of sodium fluosilicate manufacturer by glauber's salt method for preparation of sodium fluorosilicate.

sodium fluosilicate vendors using glauber's salt of sodium fluosilicate, prepared by the process cost is low, but the content of sulfuric acid root height gap will be very big, generally containing sulfuric acid root are high, it will directly lead to high sulfate content in the product, and even beyond industry standards.

at present, the fluorine sodium silicate manufacturer analysis method of sulfate radical content many, has weight method, titration method, the ICP method, ion chromatography, fluorescence method and spectrophotometer barium sulfate turbidimetry.

weight method is suitable for high levels of sulfuric acid root analysis, the analysis of low efficiency, poor maneuverability, and the accuracy is not high. Titration method is suitable for the detection of higher content of sulfuric acid root, the analysis of low content doesn't fit. ICP method need to sample processing, and processing time is long, high test cost, and the efficiency is not high. Ion chromatography also to sample processing time is long, also easy to cause cannot eliminate pollution together, operability is not high. Fluorescence method cannot accurately quantitative analysis, because there is no fluorine sodium silicate sample. Spectrophotometer barium sulfate turbidimetry is simple to operate, very mature technology, low cost, high accuracy, and been adopted by many fluorine sodium silicate factory, concentration of sulfuric acid root for tests.

sodium fluosilicate manufacturer to product sulfuric acid root in experimental analysis, ensure the quality of the product, with more quality products used in industry and agriculture.

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