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Fluorine sodium silicate manufacturer - to the lotion with mother liquor recycling problem Appropriate chemical industry

by:Yixin     2021-02-05

sodium silicofluoride are widely used in construction, building materials, but a lot of fluorine sodium silicate manufacturer in addition to transformation of fluosilicate don't lead to a lot of waste of resources, the lotion and the recycle of mother liquid is also an important part of the problem.

sodium fluosilicate manufacturer in the process of production, the whole fluorine sodium silicate device is carried out in the water, and the whole process of influence yield is the largest sodium fluosilicate of dissolved in water and overflow, so in the production of sodium fluosilicate manufacturers how to make good use of the lotion and mother liquor will be an increase the efficiency of fluorine sodium silicate.

sodium fluosilicate manufacturer after flooding in a thickening of the mother liquor contains large amounts of silica gel, and fluorine sodium silicate and sulphuric acid substances, such as sodium fluosilicate manufacturer in conditions allow, can be directly to the mother liquor to filter or settlement, and then remove the silica gel can get fluorine sodium silicate products, in order to improve the yield of sodium fluorosilicate.

sodium fluosilicate manufacturer to recycle of lotion and mother liquor, increase the efficiency of the fluorine sodium silicate, subsequently, manufacturers also gradually by strengthening production management to stabilize the yield of fluorine sodium silicate products.

sodium fluosilicate manufacturers in the production plant set up a small tank, will sort out every time in the mother liquor tank fluorine sodium silicate slurry to join in this slot, and then use water to washing, overflow the upper solution of silica gel, will join the two increases, the lower solution for recycling.

sodium fluosilicate manufacturers improve product yield, also need to constantly to cleaning device, added to the lotion, for recycling.

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