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Fluorine sodium silicate manufacturers improve measures - fluorine sodium silicate production Appropriate chemical industry

by:Yixin     2021-02-14

sodium fluorosilicate in architecture, the building materials industry has the very big use, is one of the largest fluorosilicate varieties, dosage of sodium fluosilicate manufacturers have also been improve the production of enterprises, then, we can chat fluorine sodium silicate manufacturers to improve production measures taken.

sodium fluosilicate factory existing storage tank acid storage ability is insufficient, will cause the fluosilicate spilled from the storage tank, and also reduces the utilization of fluosilicate, at the same time, sodium fluosilicate crystal time is not enough, also reduced the recovery rate of fluorine sodium silicate.

in order to improve the production of fluorine sodium silicate, sodium fluosilicate factory mixed balanced production, ensure early full reaction, in order to improve the escape of fluorine rate, at the same time, strengthen the absorption of fluorine sodium silicate manufacturer, stable fluosilicic acid concentration.

in order to improve the utilization rate of fluosilicate and sodium fluosilicate manufacturer inspection fluorosilicic acid production, increase the clarification plant before fluosilicic acid storage tank, such as silica gel filter or clarification pool, reducing impurity into, increased the metering device.

before his set fluosilicate purification plant fluorine sodium silicate manufacturer with a storage tank as a settler, and regular cleaning and rotating device, guarantee the quality of fluosilicate.

sodium fluosilicate manufacturer to upgrading of part of the equipment, especially the centrifugal filter and the crystallizer, etc. , to review of absorption system of the washing tower, in order to determine the use of fluosilicate circulating pump flow whether meet the requirements.

sodium fluosilicate manufacturer after adopting these measures, compared with before producing fluorine sodium silicate, the fluorine utilization rate is improved obviously, water insolubles and will no longer paint, production also got certain ascend.

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