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Food and drug administration to carry out food safety inspection borax sampling qualified, etc

by:Yixin     2020-12-09

borax has a very wide range of USES, used in industry, agriculture, medicine, food and other fields, the application of borax in food national requirement is very strict, in order to food safety, food recently Shanghai food and drug administration to carry out the food safety inspection, mainly for food production enterprises, supermarkets, farmer's markets, schools, restaurants and other places of inspection, environmental law enforcement staff 1376 people, issued 'supervision opinions', 113, issued the order rectification notice 43, effectively ruled out the food safety hidden trouble.

inspection personnel to enter the supermarket, hotel and catering enterprises to produce rice dumplings, inspection of food and raw materials products producer name and address, date of production, such as mark is in line with the requirements, whether in accordance with the provisions, refrigerated or frozen storage, on the food being sold check whether there is any overdue or deterioration, and so on and so forth, be sure to turn off the good purchase, ask operator timely record incoming parameter.

it is reported that so far, a total of inspection of food production and management units, 624 times. Borax 107 total sampling enterprises 256 batch, sampling and testing 173 batch project such as aflatoxin B1, all qualified.

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