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For separation of boric acid and sodium sulfate, boric acid manufacturer Appropriate chemical industry

by:Yixin     2021-01-23

boric acid is an important inorganic chemical products, industrial production in domestic boric acid by using borax sulphuric acid production are about 70% of the course, including boron conversion rate can reach 90%, but there will be a byproduct during the process of production of sodium sulfate, boric acid manufacturer to separation of boric acid and sodium sulfate, can get the finished product boric acid.

because the solubility of sodium sulfate is larger, relative content is low, so the boric acid manufacturer can let the high temperature reaction, low temperature crystallization, precipitation boric acid product first, mother liquor is recycled. When the concentration of sodium sulfate in the mother liquor near saturation, the mother liquor evaporation concentration, cooling crystallization, precipitation sodium sulfate products.

there are some boric acid manufacturers adopt the method of settlement separation, this method, you first need to define a medium, the medium best economic, convenient, accessible, no pollution of these two kinds of products, choosing mother liquor as separation medium is also the most reliable.

boric acid manufacturer understands through research, to control the rate of mother liquor rise, can effectively isolate sodium sulfate, in industrial production, washing and processing of sodium sulfate products again, the boric acid content decreases, finished product specifications. In the separation of boric acid products, the content of sodium sulfate, is lower than the theoretical value of the whole, the theoretical calculation is consistent with the experimental results.

manufacturer of boric acid separation of boric acid and sodium sulfate product technology through again and again to update and improve, has reached the very mature, economic benefit is very obvious.

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