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For the application of aluminum hydroxide analysis - aluminum hydroxide manufacturer Appropriate chemical industry

by:Yixin     2020-11-26

aluminum hydroxide also called hydration alumina, with dry and wet powder, analyzes the application of aluminum hydroxide, aluminum hydroxide manufacturer can produce high precision accuracy of products, in order to market oriented, enhance competitiveness.

all used for plastic material aspects of aluminum hydroxide of aluminum hydroxide manufacturer production is a kind of purification of inorganic filler, its low content of impurities, has good flame retardant effect, the temperature reaches 250 ℃ can dewatering endothermic, inhibition of polymer temperature rise, also dilute the concentration of oxygen, water vapor decomposition product as compact alumina film, which can prevent the combustion reaction to continue.

2 used in paper industry

aluminium hydroxide can be used in the paper industry, improve the gloss of paper, reflective, such as smoothness, aluminum hydroxide manufacturer in paper industry in the application of aluminum hydroxide paper industry to produce aluminum hydroxide, including fire prevention paper, this paper in carbonization fire, but does not burn. Three application in the production of abrasive

aluminum hydroxide insoluble in water, is a good neutral abrasive, industry, the hardness of the aluminum hydroxide of aluminum hydroxide manufacturer production is 2. 5 - 3. 5, is one of the ideal drug toothpaste abrasive.

four applied to synthetic mullite materials

mullite is a series of aluminum silicate minerals, these minerals are few and far between, is a kind of high-quality refractory, need artificial synthesis, manufacturer of aluminum hydroxide production this kind of products can also be used to manufacture, agate, artificial marble of carpet packing, etc.

aluminum hydroxide manufacturer rationalization analysis was carried out on the aluminum hydroxide application, to adjust their production mechanism, enhance competitiveness, its significance and long do so.

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